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June 17, 2008
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Ubuntu Transformation Pack by HYDRATTZ Ubuntu Transformation Pack by HYDRATTZ
Hi,this is my third transformation pack and I hope you enjoy it.It doesn't change your windows fully to Ubuntu but somewhat creates a resembling atmosphere that is it changes only the look of your Vista PC.I must say I have given spl. attention to changing internal files like Flip3D,wmplayer.exe, games folder,etc.

Send your feedbacks to


System Files:

1. imageres.dll (C:\WINDOWS\System32,contains almost every icon)
2. shell32.dll (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
3. wordpad.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accesories)
4. mspaint.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
5. notepad.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
6. sidebar.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar)
7. explorer.exe (C:\WINDOWS)
8. regedit.exe (C:\WINDOWS)
9. cmd.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
10. SnippingTool.exe (C:\WINDOWS\System32)
11. wmplayer.exe (C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player)


1. Human for Vista by ~omganinja
2. Human Emblems By HYDRATTZ
3. SmartFlip
4. Yod'm 3D
5. Icon Resources for Iconpackager

Please Read This for a clean and healthy installation of these files:

1)I recommend you not to replace explorer.exe since it is harmful but still I have included it separately for people who want to change their explorer.
2)Please make backup of the original files before copying these.Remember, you should have administrative rights.
3)Create a restore point before installing these.
4)Do this in SAFE MODE(Not compulsory,but for a safer result).
5)This is a Vista-only package.This was made using Vista Home Premium but I think it should work on the other versions.
6)For people who have upgraded to SP1, read instructions below(In fact I want beta testers for this. I am not so sure whether it will work or not. Just create a restore point and give a try. I think you have 80% chance of
successfully completing it).
7)Please dont copy IE if you have installed IE 8.
8)Do these at your own risk,I am not responsible for any damages(Hope that it shouldn't happen if you have created a restore point).
9)You can use the icon resources provided as well for iconpackager or icontweaker if you don't want to replace your System Files.
10)Please notify me by mail if you want to modify anything of this package (Replacements only) as these are copyrighted to me.
11)You are free for any queries.

For Them who Have Updated To Service Pack 1(Don't worry, you don't have to do much work):

1) Copy Resource Hacker provided in this package to your Hard Drive.

2) Open the files intended for change with ResHacker and Note down everything particular in the Version Info Field.

3) Now open the files and change the Version info resources to what you noted down and click Compile. Save.

4) That's it!! You are done! Now you can do the rest of the work successfully.


1)Ubuntu for Icons
2)~omganinja for Visual Style
3)Shedko for shedko-badges
4)Lup Gratian for SmartFlip
5)Christian Salmon for Yod'm 3D
6)All supporters, viewers and downloaders


1)For the Visual style by omganinja,you will have to patch your system files.Install VistaGLAZZ Provided in the package and then copy the visual style folder to X:\Windows\Resources\Themes\.(X= Default Drive)

2)For much detailed windows borders and buttons you can try or buy Windowblinds 6 from are many skins available on deviantART,wincustomize,skinbase and many other sites.

3)To get the Emblems, install Shedko Badges provided in the package and Paste My skin in the skins directory of the folder where you installed Shedko Badges.

4)Use Yod'm 3D for multiple desktops(with 3D flip).

5)Use SmartFlip provided in the package to get the cool cirle effect(like we have in Nero Home) in Flip3D.

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Sorry, I no longer make packs like these. You could try searching google for it.
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